WW720-X – Sigma EN ES Pressure Reducing Valve Double Chamber AS5081 , Watermark


  • Approved to AS5081 for hydraulic control valves
  • Approved to WATERMARK for inclusion in buildings
  • Approved to AS4020 for drinking water.
  • Double chamber design enables 100% opening if required without risk of hydraulic lock out.
  • Double chamber design makes valve extremely responsive regardless of differential pressure or flow


The Model 720-X Double Chamber Pressure Reducing Valve is a hydraulically operated control valve designed to regulate downstream pressure to a constant, regardless of flow rate or inlet pressure.

The double chamber design—complete with the three-way positioning pilot—enables the valve to go to 100% open position without the risk of hydraulic lockout. The double chamber design makes the valve extremely responsive regardless of differential pressure.

Valves can be fitted with multiple options such as V ports, single or double cavitation cages for superior cavitation protection & regulation and control.



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