Bermad Cities

Bermad Cities Online is an interactive 3D experience built to provide water professionals with a deeper understanding of product operation, capability and functionality.

It might be a virtual city, but this exciting new tool represents real educational outcomes for the water supply market.

At the touch of a button, users can visualise a wide range of Bermad products in their practical, civil application and a huge range of additional insights. The experience begins as a panoramic view of an animated cityscape, with clickable touchpoints on key aspects of the urban infrastructure. From the outset, users are presented with the option to view a traditional metropolitan grid or the piping network set beneath it.


Bermad Cities Online Dashboard

Notable points on the map include suburban residential areas, high rise buildings, commercial facilities, reservoirs, water treatment and general building and construction applications.

By clicking on any available click-point, users are presented with a detailed animated overview of the product in context. Clicking further points on the zoomed-in view provides access to a variety of comprehensive resources, including:

  • Animated scenarios highlighting bestpractice for specific products in certain applications. Two-dimensional schematics showcase the considered design and premium operation of Bermad Water Technologies products.
  • Case studies detailing products used in realworld settings. Bermad Cities Online may showcase a virtual world, but our solutions are successfully employed for optimum outcomes all over the globe.
  • Product sheets offering comprehensive valve overviews. Access detailed information on specific parts and solutions.
  • Instructional videos. Extend the learning to gain an even deeper understanding of installation and maintenance. At BWT we value shared knowledge and industry support. We’re dedicated to equipping customers with expertise, resources, education and training.

Through collaboration and commitment to our customers, we hope to create a tight-knight and accomplished community within the water industry. Building a virtual community is another innovative step towards achieving that goal.

You can access Bermad Cities by visiting our international site. If you require further information on the virtual city or need training, contact your local sales office.