Technical Assistance

Assistance with on site commissioning of control valves

Bermad Water Technologies offer a service to assist with the commissioning of control valves in the field. This is especially useful where the Water Company does not have the experience to bring the valves on line. In addition to this we are able to train the operators in the operation and maintenance of the valve in order to ensure optimum performance of the valve.


Design assistance with control and air valve selection

Bermad Water Technologies are able to assist companies and designers with full technical assistance in the location, and sizing of control valves and air release valves for various pipeline or pumping stations designs.

Technical auto-cad drawings

In order to assist designers and operators of control valves, we are able to assist with Auto-Cad drawings for a specific valve build that is being used or recommended.

Contact your nearest state office for assistance.

Technical autocad drawings

Technical training seminars

Bermad Water Technologies are able to assist designers and companies with customised Seminars to assist in the design, operation and selection of our products for various industries. Contact your nearest state office for further information.


  • Control valve principles and valve selection- Waterworks
  • Operation and maintenance of control valves – Waterworks
  • Pump station water hammer protection – Waterworks
  • Pressure management control valves – Waterworks
  • Pressure reducing valve station design – Waterworks
  • Electronic control valves operating via SCADA – Waterworks
  • Level control valves design – Waterworks
  • Anti-cavitation valve design for high differential pressures – Waterworks
  • Pipeline design incorporating air release valves – Waterworks
  • Sewer rising main design incorporating air release valves – Waterworks
  • Fire protection pump station valves design and sizing – Fire
  • Fire deluge valve design and sizing – Fire
  • Irrigation control valve and accessories basic principles – Irrigation
  • Pump station and pipeline design water hammer protection – Irrigation
  • Irrigation farm outlet control valves for irrigation schemes – Irrigation
  • Design and Selection of Industrial Filtration Systems – Waterworks