Australia’s first choice for water technology.

Setting industry standards in irrigation.

Fire protection from water professionals.

Choose optimum performance for your system.

Australia’s widest range of water meters.

Exclusive distributors of the Euromag range.


Control effectively the pressure, flow and levels in your pipeline systems using Bermad pressure control valves,  Bermad air release and CSA air release valves.


Protect against water hammer and pressure surges in your pipeline systems, using Bermad Pump control and surge anticipation valves, and CSA anti slam air and vacuum release valves.


Measure and record accurately the flows in your pipeline systems, using Bermad and Sensus mechanical meters, and Euromag  Electromagnetic flow meters.

Interactive Training Facility

Introducing Australia’s first interactive facility dedicated to hands on training and resources for industry professionals. Our facility allows you to participate and observe the operation of:

  • Diaphragm Actuated Control valves
  • Electromagnetic Flow Meters
  • Mechanical Water Meters
  • Air and Vacuum Release valves
  • Air flow testing of air release valves in vacuum and air discharge
  • Demonstrating low pressure sealing capabilities of air release valves

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Bermad Water Technologies - Training Academy