Australian standard licensing

This is why we ensure that our products are compliant with a range Australian accreditations and certifications.

AS5081 Standard


AS5081 is an Australian Standard that our products are certified for. The standard outlines requirements for material and performance. It applies to metallic-bodied, hydraulically operated control valves for waterworks purposes. The standard is compatible with the requirements of manufacturer and certification bodies.

We’re proud to say that we are the only Australian company to apply for and receive, the AS5081 accreditation. In order to receive the accreditation, we have demonstrated that our products can operate in a range of performance conditions. An example is low flow capability in a pressure reduction application.

Our products are also compliant to standards AS4020 and AS4158. AS4020 specifies requirements for products in contact with drinking water, and their effect on the quality of water. Products covered by the standard include pipes, fittings and materials used to coat components in the water supply industry. AS4158 applies to thermoplastic and thermosetting coatings. These thermal-bonded coatings are used to prevent corrosion of the internal/external surfaces of metallic valves.

Additionally, our CSA Air Release valve, Fox 3 RFP are fully approved and certified to AS4956. This standard covers air valves for water systems rated at 1600 kPa and 3500 kPa.

Watermark Standard

The Watermark Certification Scheme is a mandatory accreditation for draining and plumbing products. The scheme ensures that materials and components are fit for purpose. Appropriate authorisation for installation is also required by Watermark. Certification is received after being tested and manufactured in accordance with an approved Quality Assurance Program.

While all our products are compliant with AS5081, our Bermad 700 Series valves also meets the requirements of AS5081-Water-mark-cert-700-series-Jan-2019. This means that our supply of automatic control valves for drinking water applications in building services is quality assured.

Fire & Building Certifications and Quality Marks

Our products are certified under a fire protection equipment listing scheme established by Scientific Services Laboratory (SSL). The accreditation considers:

  • Australian Standards
  • International Standards
  • Technical Specifications

Along with being SSL compliant, we also ensure UL and FM accordance.


The UL is a quality mark provided by Underwriters Laboratories. They independently test and issue certifications for electrical devices and fittings. While our Fire Pump Relief valves and Deluge valves are manufactured to specifications of the Australian Fire Pump Code, we also met the demands of the UL standard. To achieve this, we underwent a review of our staff, facilities and products at our Melbourne testing facility.


The FM standard is another independent accreditation applicable to Deluge and Relief valve products. FM approvals use scientific testing and research to ensure our products conform to stringent safety guidelines in order to prevent property loss.

NMI Standard


The National Measurement Institute is Australia’s peak measurement body responsible for biological, chemical, legal, physical and trade measurement. The purpose of the standard is to ensure that the pricing and distribution of goods Is based on the highest levels of precision and product integrity.

In a process that takes up to five years, two of our products have been certified by the National Measurement Institute of Australia. The standard NMI 10-1 is specific to meters intended for the metering of water in full flowing pipes.

This standard is used for non-urban water, and is relevant to irrigation professionals and associated Water Authorities. Our Euromag meter is one of only four meters certified for non-urban use on the market; and the Sensus WP Dynamic Meter is the only water meter of its kind approved by the NMI for non-urban use.

Quality assured products

These approvals mean that our waterworks, irrigation and fire pump products are guaranteed for optimum performance. Bermad technologies can be used for long term operation in water supply networks, electrical applications and building services without risk of failure. Potential clients can be confident that we go beyond the benchmark for product capability, suitability and performance.

To learn more about the AS5081 certification, visit our article or video which outline requirements of the standard in more detail.

For further detailsrelating to Bermad standard compliance, contact our local sales office to get in touch.



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