IR-C10-P-SP Combination PN12 Air Release Valve with Surge Protection, AS4956 approved and WSAA


  • Available in threaded BSP male in DN50 (2018 model with black cover, previously red)
  • Available in flanged DN50 & DN80 sizes
  • Standard surge protection avoids water hammer on valve closure
  • Low pressure sealing feature
  • Valves fully approved for drinking water installations to AS4956 & AS4020
  • Valves appraised by WSAA (PA 2042)


The Bermad C10-SP is a triple function combination air valve with surge protection feature, designed to limit water hammer on valve closure.

The surge protection feature controls air discharge to avoid air valves “slamming shut”, which in turn generates water hammer. Valves are typically used on pump discharge manifolds and along the pipeline at locations where there is a possibility of column separation.

The valves are fully approved for drinking water purposes and have certification to AS4956 & AS4020 and WSAA appraised


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