Wastewater Air Release Valve

C50-SP Combination sewage air release valve with surge protection

The Bermad C50-SP is a triple function combination air release valve fitted with surge protection, designed for pipelines with raw or partially treated sewage in pressure sewer and rising main pipelines.  The valve is fitted with a surge protection mechanism to minimize the possibility of surges on pump start and stoppage in the pipeline.

The valve is designed to seal at extremely low static pressures in the pipeline.  The valve is available in wide range of sizes and material specifications and pressure ranges (PN10 / PN16).

Various model are fully certified to AS4883-2017 by SAI Global and appraised to WSAA .

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Bermad C50 Combination Air Valve | Operation & Surge Protection Watch video

Bermad C50 Combination Air Valve | Operation & Surge Protection

  • Low pressure sealing feature 0.5m
  • Threaded in DN50 BSP male , Flanged in DN50 , DN80 & DN100
  • Standard with surge protection feature, and optional inflow protection or Assisted Closure
  • Models Approved to AS4883-2017 & WSAA
  • Multiple material combinations GRP / DI / 316SS
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