Pressure Reducing

WW720-PD Sigma EN/ES Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve

The Bermad 720-PD is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, pressure reducing control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower downstream pressure at a fixed ratio. The fixed pressure reducing ratio is determined with regard to valve size and plug type. Bermad 700 Sigma EN/ES series valves are hydraulic, oblique pattern, globe valves with a raised seat assembly and double chamber unitised actuator, that can be disassembled from the body as a separate integral unit. The valves hydrodynamic body is designed for unobstructed flow path and provides excellent and highly effective modulation capacity for high differential pressure applications.

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WaterMark Australian Standard


  • Excellent anti-cavitation properties
  • Wide flow range
  • High stability and accuracy
  • Drip tight sealing
  • Moderated valve reaction
  • Protected diaphragm
  • Optional operation in very low pressure
  • Moderated closing curve
  • Fֺlexible design – Easy addition of features
  • Oֺbstacle free flow pass
  • Vֺ-Port Throttling Plug (Optional) – Very stable at low flow
  • Cֺompatible with various standards
  • Hֺigh quality materials
  • Iֺn-line serviceable – Easy maintenance
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