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As one of the country’s most diverse geographical regions, Tasmania poses unique challenges when it comes to the measurement and control of water supply to properties across the state.

We partnered with the state’s local authority, TasWater, to deliver an industry-leading rollout of more than 45,000 iPerl smart meters to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their readings.

With more than five years in the making, this project is Australia’s largest rollout of smart metering technology—its success proving the technical capability of the iPerl while creating value for our clients and the community.

"The iPerl drive-by system is four times faster than reading AMR meters, which are four times faster than the traditional mechanical meters. This means a 4 x 4 efficiency improvement."

Robert Cameron – Senior Project Manager, TasWater

Building a business case for the iPerl

When TasWater’s old mechanical meters began to show signs of wear, their team saw an opportunity to upgrade their system.

The project and its implementation were supported by a robust business case and assessment made by an independent consultant on behalf of TasWater. The assessment considered a variety of alternative technologies through a process of research, trial, and testing.

Through this process, it was determined that a digital static meter would provide the greatest functionality and return on investment for the authority.

Static meters are linear, offering the capability to capture low flows while providing visibility of data logs and water consumption. Available in the same Australian standard length as their current meters and offering a digital display for easy configuration—the iPerl stacked up to be the meter that enabled the greatest improvements on the current system.

Trials without error

To support the business case for the iPerl, TasWater’s board required three trials to be performed:

Trial 1

The first trial involved installing 400 meters by the TasWater office. This trial yielded results that proved the capability of the iPerl when it came to low flow measurement. By using the iPerl, the team was able to observe the revenue gained by capturing usage that otherwise went unnoticed in the current system.

Trial 2

The second trial involved installing 4000 meters in Port Sorrel, Hawley. This involved residential homes, and a test of the iPerl’s drive-by reading capabilities. The trial proved to be successful, as the drive-by reading drastically sped up the reading process while providing accurate and easy to access measurement via the data logger.

Trial 3

The third trial involved ensuring that the iPerl could be integrated with the existing TasWater meters. This was important—as meters of different sizes would be rolled out at separate times. The meter had to provide readings alongside existing meters, while being compatible with TasWater’s current billing system. Both these requirements were satisfied by the iPerl.

The three trials completed by the third-party assessors formed the basis of the project tender. This tender was awarded to Bermad Water Technologies due to the technical superiority of the product, the positive factors observed during the trial, and our ability to provide onsite support throughout the rollout of the meters.

The iPerl

The iPerl smart water meter from Sensus uses intelligent and responsive data architecture that turns the smart grid concept into a reality. The meter offers an extended battery life and provides robust billing and measuring support for authorities.

With benchmark accuracy and low flow capture, the iPerl reduces costs and creates operational transparency. This meter represents a data end-point that replaces the traditional meter, captures and communicates network status and consumption data remotely and in real-time, while continuously monitoring system integrity.

Range of Sizes

Available in sizes from DN15mm to DN40mm

Range of Sizes

Available in sizes from DN15mm to DN40mm

Range of Sizes

Available in sizes from DN15mm to DN40mm

Range of Sizes

Available in sizes from DN15mm to DN40mm

Range of Sizes

Available in sizes from DN15mm to DN40mm

Range of Sizes

Available in sizes from DN15mm to DN40mm

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Tasmanian Irrigation Schemes

September 2019

BWT played a major part in providing products and technological expertise to deliver solutions in the development of Tasmania’s irrigation schemes.

Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd (TI) was established on 1 July 2011 as a single, state-owned company responsible for the development and operation of publicly subsidised irrigation schemes.

TI’s primary aim is to grow the wealth of Tasmania by developing and enhancing the productive capacity of the state’s agricultural industries.

Much of Tasmanian agricultural land is prestige growing country. The guarantee of water over the irrigation season has led to substantial developments in the growth of certain crops.

Poppies, for example, have proven to be well suited to the state’s climatic conditions. So much so, that the majority of the world’s production of legally grown poppies comes from Tasmania.

Increased demand in milk production, as well as other industries, has led to a need for irrigation schemes to achieve high output yields.

Many of the schemes have been in operation for years, and several are still under construction.

BWT has worked very closely with TI to provide technical solutions to its systems. This has ensured that growers get their allocation of water over the irrigation season.

Bermad has been successfully been working with TI on many of their irrigation projects such as:

  • Whitemore Irrigation Scheme
  • Sassafras Wesleyvale Irrigation Scheme
  • Duck Irrigation Scheme
  • Midlands Irrigation Scheme
  • Central Highlands Irrigation Scheme
  • Ringarooma Irrigation Scheme
  • Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme
  • South East Irrigation Scheme
  • Swan Irrigation Scheme
  • Kindred North Moton
  • Dyle Blyth Irrigation Scheme

The Midlands Scheme in Tasmania was awarded the most prestigious civil engineering award—the National Infrastructure Awards. The award is an enormous testament to the engineering, planning and roll-out of the complex system that TI developed.

BWT played a major role in TI’s schemes, and our involvement extended across all aspects, including:

  • Pump station surge protection
  • Main pipeline control and protection
  • Property outlet billing and control

If you’d like to learn more about our partnership with Irrigation utilities or organisations, get in touch with the Bermad team today.

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