WW720 Sigma EN ES Pressure Reducing Valve AS5081, Watermark


  • Designed to stand up to the toughest conditions
    • Excellent anti-cavitation properties
    • Silent operation suitable for urban and high rise applications
    • Wide flow range
    • High stability and accuracy
  • Double chamber design
    • Moderated valve reaction
    • Protected diaphragm
  • Flexible design – Easy addition of features
  • Obstacle free, full bore – Free flow pass
  • V-Port Throttling Plug – Very stable at low flow
    • High quality materials
    • Stainless Steel trim components
  • In-line serviceable –” Easy maintenance “


The Model WD-720 Sigma EN ES Pressure Reducing Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower constant downstream pressure regardless of fluctuating demand or varying upstream pressure.

Bermad model 700EN                               700ES

Valves can be fitted with multiple options such as V ports, single or double cavitation cages for superior cavitation protection & regulation and control.

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