How To Reduce Harmonic Noise in Larger Pressure-Reducing Stations in Buildings

Pressure reducing valve with low harmonic noise in high-rise buildings

Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison
Victorian Sales Manager

April 2021

The newly redesigned 720EN valve provides exceptionally stable pressures while mitigating noise.

In many high-rise buildings with multiple floors, there is a need to keep specific levels at safe working pressures regardless of the elevation of those floors.

Pressure reducing valves are commonly used in the mainlines where water gravitates from the roof down, or to reduce pressure as the water is pumped up the building. This configuration enables tenants throughout the building to access stable and safe working water pressure, regardless of their proximity to high pressure locations on the mainlines.

The problem

While this configuration provides access to stable and safe flows for tenants, a key issue is the ability for the valve to regulate with stable pressures at flows close to zero and perform this function with minimal noise.

Unsurprisingly, the noise generated by the valve can resonate throughout the building, which typically causes issues for tenants.

We know that the Bermad model 720EN valve works exceptionally well in providing stable pressures, but in some hydraulic instances, noise can be an issue. This is because the valve comes out of its seat as the flow starts running.

The solution

Bermad has worked for several years in developing a redesigned 720EN valve. The new design features an inner V-port and seat, which reduces the friction as the valve comes off the seat as the flow starts running in hydraulic instances.

After several years of development and testing, the latest design has successfully created a substantial reduction in harmonic noise as the valve comes off the seat.

In high-rise residential or commercial building applications where noise must be mitigated, this has created a significant reduction in noise and vibration in pressure reducing valves under extremely low flow conditions.

Selecting the correct valve for your application

Identifying the right valve and design is key to achieving optimum performance and noise reduction for any pressure reducing station.

We encourage any designer to meet and discuss your issues, requirements, and details of your specific building application with one of our technical specialists. Alternatively, you can always contact your nearest Bermad office.

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