C50-IP sewage air release valve with inflow protection


  • Special low pressure sealing feature 0.5m
  • Standard with an external check valve to prevent air intake
  • Available in threaded BSP male in DN50
  • Available in flanged in DN50, DN80 & DN100
  • 25mm BSP drain and flush ports standard on valve body
  • Certain models fully certified to AS4883-2017 by SAI Global & WSAA appriased


The Bermad C50-IP is an air release valve designed for raw sewage which only allows air to release: no air is let back into the pipe. The unique IP (inflow protection) function acts like a check valve only allowing air to discharge from the valve.

The Bermad C50-IP valve also seals with extremely low inlet pressure to avoid leakage. The valve is available in wide range of sizes and specifications and pressure ranges.

Materials :  All GRP                     Ductile Iron / GRP             316SS / GRP

All valves supplied with extension piece on discharge with IP kit.  Valves Dec 2018 all fitted with black poly components (previous models with red tops)

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