FP-450-67 Infill level control valve with vertical modulating float


  • Line-pressure driven

– Independent operation

  • Rugged Reliability

– Single-piece fully supported rolling diaphragm
– Obstacle-free unobstructed flow path
– Suited for use with low quality water

  • Hydraulically Restrained Actuation

– Non-slam closing
– Quiet and smooth operation

  • High Performance

– High flow capacity
– Low operating pressure

  • External Installation

– Easy access to valve & float
– Simple level setting
– Less wear and tear

  • In-Line Serviceable

-Quick and easy maintenance

  • Flexible Design

– Simple addition of factory supplied features


The Model FP 450-67 Level Control is a hydraulically controlled, diaphragm actuated valve for controlling the level in firewater reservoirs.

The 2 way vertical float modulates the valve to keep the reservoir full or at a preset level at all times.

The unobstructed flow passage, simplicity of design and robust construction makes the FP 450-67 suitable for use with firewater which is often of a poor quality.

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