How does the NMI approval apply to me?

October 2019

At Bermad, we’re committed to exceeding industry standards across the waterworks, irrigation, and fire and building markets. This extends to the NMI M 10-1 approval for the measurement of non-urban water.

This article provides information for irrigators or growers that need to comply with the standard as it comes into effect.

What is the NMI 10-1 approval for non-urban water?

The National Measurement Institute plays an important role in the Australian economy by maintaining and regulating Australia’s measurement system and developing national measurement standards. This includes the NMI M 10-1 approval for non-urban water.

The National Measurement Institute of Australia issues certificates for non-urban water meters with the Australian Pattern Approval Standards.

What is the difference between compliance and approval?

In the midst of these changes to the law, many manufacturers, distributers, and suppliers claim ‘compliance with’ the NMI M 10-1 standard without being accredited to the standard.

Pattern approval is only provided to meters that meet the specific requirements for closed conduit meters (NMI M 10-1).

A pattern approved meter complies with these requirements within the operating range specified by the meter manufacturer.

Which products are certified to NMI 10-1?

In this article we published in 2016, we announced our accreditation from the National Metering Institute in relation to two of our products: our Euromag meter is certified for non-urban use on the market, and the Sensus WP Dynamic Meter is the only mechanical water meter approved by the NMI for non-urban use.

Euromag and Sensus meters are exclusively distributed by Bermad Water Technologies. 

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