Bermad combination air valves meet new levels of accreditation

October 2022

Bermad’s C50-SP and C80-SP combination air valves—in certain materials of construction—have been certified by SAI Global to AS 4883: the Australian standard for air valves for wastewater.

We’re proud to announce that Bermad has recently reached new levels of accreditation for two valves used in raw sewage pipeline transfer.

The Bermad models C50-SP and C80-SP have recently been appraised by SAI Global for compliance with the material and performance requirements of AS 4883:2017 Air valves for sewerage.

In addition, the same valves have been appraised by WSAA, making them applicable for requirements in Australian water companies using sewage combination air valves.

The valves submitted for appraisal included:

  • C50-C ductile iron bodied air valves in sizes DN 50, DN 80, and DN 100
  • C50-N Grade 316 stainless steel bodied air valves in sizes DN 50, DN 80, and DN 100
  • C80 ductile iron bodied air valves in sizes DN 80 and DN 100.

The air valves are suitable for sewer and wastewater applications in pump stations, pipelines and treatment plants.

In terms of primary functionalities, the valve evacuates air during pipeline filling, allows the release of air pockets from pressurized pipes, and enables large volumes of air intake in the event of network draining.

WSAA  Australian Standard

A unique combination of features for raw sewage rising main pipelines

The valves incorporate a range of unique design features, including:

  • Exceptionally low-pressure sealing
  • High air flow
  • A unique surge mitigation system.

This combination of features ensures these valves offer exceptional performance and reduced maintenance in raw sewage rising main pipelines, up to very large diameters.

You can find more product information in these helpful links:

About the accreditation

The Standard AS 4883:2017 provides material requirements and performance tests for air valves in wastewater systems, together with default conformance requirements for use by manufacturers and certification bodies.

The Standard specifies requirements for metallic and plastics bodied PN 10 and PN 16 air valves for sewerage. This Standard is applicable to valve sizes DN 50 to DN 200 suitable for wastewater, with a maximum operating temperature of 60°C (based upon a maximum sewage temperature of 40°C within the main and the air valve being located above ground exposed to sunlight).

This Standard covers the following types of valves:

  • Large-orifice air valves
  • Small-orifice air valves
  • Double-orifice air valves
  • Anti-slam air valves
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