The first automatic control valve to have WSAA in Australia.

June 2022

AS5081 + WSAA approval valve

The Bermad Water Technologies team is proud to announce we are the only Australian company fully accredited to AS5081 and appraisal by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). This extreme level of accreditation gives all WSAA members surety that Bermad 700 Series control valves today are assembled and designed to operate at the highest levels of quality assurance, delivering industry leading performance.

Recent episodes of Controlling Water—the official Bermad Australia podcast—dive deeper into the various approvals we’ve achieved for Bermad model valves, including what they mean, why they’re important, and the peace of mind they provide for water professionals. You can find these episodes in the Training and Resource section of our site.

Additionally, copies of our new WSAA appraisal can be found on the official WSAA website and on our own approvals page here.

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