How To Fit a Reed Switch to an NMI-Approved WP-Dynamic Water Meter

WPD mechanical meters by Sensus, NMI approved

Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison
Victorian Sales Manager

July 2019

WP-Dynamic water meter

The WP-Dynamic turbine water meter is one of the most accurate, robust and reliable helical water meters on the market. Learn how to fit a reed switch to the meter for additional control and measurement.

Our NMI-approved Sensus WP Dynamic meters are supplied with a register that is compatible with a reed switch. A reed switch can be installed directly to the WP-Dynamic meter for additional functionality.

The Sensus RD01 Reed Switch Pulse Output can be used with both cold and hot water meters in the Sensus Dynamic range, and can be linked to any externally powered device—such as a data logger or controller.

The reed switch provides an electrical indication every time the pre-determined flow passes through the meter.

Installing the reed switch is simple, as the design of the meter allows the pulser to be installed without breaking the meter seal.

The pulse frequency varies in different meter sizes, but can range from 10L to 100,000L.  The following chart indicates what is available:


Meter size                       Pulse frequency                 Optional pulse

40-125mm                          10L or 1000L                            100L

150-300mm                       100L or 10,000L                      1000L

400mm                               10,000L or 100,000L


The installation of the reed switch is a very simple process that can be done without interfering with the meter capsule.

To install the reed switch:

  1. Select where the probe should be entered into the 100L or 1000L pulse.
  2. Align the meter head so that the entrance is exposed.
  3. Insert the probe.
  4. Alter the slide so that the Open arrow is in line with the black marker.
  5. Insert the probe.
  6. Lock into place.
  7. Press firmly so that the probe is in place and cannot be pulled out.

The following video demonstrated exactly how to fit the switch for success:

If you require technical information on the reed switch itself, check out our online product page for additional technical data, or get in touch with our team today for further technical assistance.

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