WW-730-X Sigma EN ES Pressure Sustaining Valve AS5081 / Watermark


  • Double chamber design giving instant response regardless of differential pressure
  • Minimal head loss as valve can go to 100% open if required
  • Very high flow capacity with obstacle free flow path 
  • High stability and accuracy with fully adjustable response rate
  • Drip tight sealing even at lower pressures
  • Fully Protected diaphragm from flow path
  • Optional operation in very low pressure
  • Moderated closing curve surge free
  • Flexible design – Easy addition of features
  • V-Port Throttling Plug (Optional) – Very stable at low flow


The Bermad 730-X Pressure relief/sustaining hydraulically operated control valve that can fulfill either of two separate functions: When installed in-line, it sustains minimum pre-set, upstream (back) pressure, regardless of fluctuating flow or varying downstream pressure. When installed as a circulation valve, it relieves excessive line pressure when above maximum pre-set. This valve is a double chamber configuration using 3-way control, being extremely responsive regardless of operating conditions, allowing full opening without the risk of hydraulic lock out.  The double chamber design also ensures the valve acts like a check valve preventing reverse flow.

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