• Hydrodynamic balanced rotor on main meter
  • Spring-loaded change-over valve with low headloss
  • Bypass meter as a velocity or piston meter cartridge with plug-in non-return valve
  • Minimum (Qmin): 6 l/hour for piston type bypass meter
  • Multirange measuring element, for DN 50, 80 or 100
  • Different lengths available
  • Main and bypass meters equipped with electronic registers (Encoder, Hybrid or fully Electronic)
  • Spool piece for extension of meter casing as per DIN 19625
  • Preparation for quarter inch pressure sensor
  • Change-over valve with non-return valve function up to PN 10


The Sensus MeiTwin Compound Water Meter can be effectively used for flow measurement of cold water up to 50degC. By having the main meter and the bypass meter arranged one behind the other in the direction of flow, there is no longer any need for the differentiation between the “bypass meter on the right” and “bypass meter on the left”. This specialised meter has a removable measuring element consisting of the main meter, the change-over valve and the bypass meter (‘3 in 1’ concept).

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