Lynx 3F RFP Rapid Filling Preventer Air Release Valve


  • New low pressure sealing feature on PN16 valves less than 10Kpa (1m)
  • Pn35 valves with sealing pressure less than 20Kpa (2m)
  • Inbuilt RFP feature avoiding water hammer in increased pipeline filling applications
  • Designed in compliance compliant with AS4956
  • High reliability and functionality from CSA manufacturing
  • PN16 and PN35 pressure ratings
  • MRWA approval 


The CSA Mod. Lynx 3F-RFP, is a compact high-quality single chamber triple function combination air valve with a built-in anti-water hammer non-slam surge prevention system.  The air valve allows release of air pockets from pressurized pipelines, and admits large volumes of air in the event of pipe draining/burst, to prevent vacuum and negative pressure conditions. During outflow, the air valves sense the increase in air velocity and differential pressure using, if required by excessive values, the RFP (anti-surge) flat to control the air outflow rate. As a result, the valves avoid fast approaches of water column with potential sudden closures of the mobile block and the associated risk of water hammer.

Entirely made in ductile cast iron, with air release system and seat in stainless steel, Lynx 3F-RFP stands out for its long-lasting performance and reliability.

Valves are manufactured to Australian requirements such as AS4020 , AS4158 , AS4087  and are tested in an fully accredited testing laboratory by SAI Global

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