Bermad Water Technologies reaching new approval benchmarks

April 2018

Bermad Water Technologies is reaching the benchmarks for approval to AS4956 in Australia for Metallic Air Release Valves.

Bermad Water Technologies, in conjunction with air valve manufacturer CSA, have recently been successful in having the Fox-RFP range of waterworks air release valves fully certified to the newly updated Australian standard AS4956.

In additional to the certification of approval, CSA also received the SAI Global Accreditation for the facility used to test the valves in accordance with the AS4956 standard.

australian-standard                           Fox 3 RFP Rapid Filling Preventer Air Release Valve “AS4956 approved”

For water professionals, the CSA range presents the highest level of product specification and quality. The air release valves range from 25mm to 250mm in pressure ranges PN16 and PN35.

All Fox-RFP valves supplied by Bermad Australia are manufactured, tested, labelled and audited in accordance with the newly certified standard.
Part of this rigorous process is assuring that every aspect of the valve is fully certified and accredited for the following purposes and approvals:

  • AS4020 Approval for drinking water
  • AS4158 Approval for the coating process for drinking water
  • AS4087 Approval that the flanges are exactly in accordance with AS4087-PN16 and 35 flange specifications

Should you require any further information on the Fox-RFP range, such as data sheets, manuals, engineering resources, CAD files or operational videos – please visit our online product page.

We’re also encourage our customers to get in touch with us directly, and look forward to hearing from you via your local Bermad sales office.

To learn more about our commitment to Australian Standards and quality assurance, visit our page on Approvals for additional information.

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