Announcing new and improved air valves by CSA

May 2016

Bermad Water Technologies has enjoyed a solid relationship with one of Europe’s leading air release valve manufacturers, CSA.

Over the years, CSA have continually upgraded and fine-tuned product development in order to meet the varying demands of challenging Australian environments. With the introduction of the new air valve standard AS4956, CSA has again adapted their product to meet the needs and requirements of the local market.

Introducing the improved product.

The model “Fox-RFP” is synonymous with quality throughout water and irrigation markets. As the default product selection throughout Australia, it is chosen for proven performance, reliability, and suitability for local conditions.

Recently re-released with an added rapid-filling prevention mechanism, the new Fox-RFP has been an outstanding success in all applications for raw and treated water in mining, water supply and irrigation throughout Australia. The redesigned model offers a range of impressive features:

  • Low pressure sealing (less than 0.9m). There has been great demand in Australia (especially in applications for flatter topography) to have valves that can seal positively without leakage with very low pressures.
  • Materials of construction compliant with AS4956. Manufactured from a combination of ductile iron, 316 stainless steel and polypropylene, the valve is compliant to the standard together with the FBE coating which is locally approved to AS4020.
  • Extreme air flow performance. The newly designed shape of the valve ensures full-port optimum air flow performance, making it suitable for pipes with larger than usual diameters.
  • RFP surge prevention design. The rapid filling prevention design is proven. It makes the filling of pipelines safe and reliable, especially in column separation conditions, by minimising surges.
  • Drain port of valves. The Australian standard requests that all valves have a lower drain port to ensure that testing and disassembly of valves is quick and safe for operators. CSA originally pioneered this function – now a standard requirement for all valves across the country.

For further insight into the newly released valve, see our data sheets & installation and operation manuals, engineering data for calculating valve sizing for location and installation, and animated product demonstrations.

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