How To Read and Configure the Euromag MC608 Converter

MagFlow meter Euromag

Damian Muir
Damian Muir
Manager, Metering Technologies

January 2019

A hand pointing to a Euromag flow meter

The MC608 converter has been designed with the purpose of meeting all the requirements of modern water management systems.

Damian Muir shares his tips for configuring the converter for success.

The Euromag MC608 converter supports extended functions, which ensures its suitability for measuring and billing in civil, industrial and agricultural applications.

The product features the following benefits:

  • Active Data Logger – 6+ years of recordings at 15 minute intervals (default)
  • Free-issue configuration software – MC-LINK
  • Configurable Outputs: 4 to 20mA, pulse, digital input and alarm output
  • ModBus RS485 communications standard (powered units and MC608SS only)
  • Other customised outputs and communications available on request
  • Large LCD display – showing flow rate, total flow, alarm status, battery life, percentage output

Watch our video demonstration below by our Metering Product Manager, Damian Muir, for his insights into how to complete the following configurations on the Euromag MC608 converter:

  • Alarms – live and historical
  • Power status and optional battery back up
  • Changing the bottom display
  • Customising the engineering units

For more technical instructions on the Euromag MC608 converter, or any other associated Bermad product, please visit our online product pages, or contact your nearest sales office for further advice on best-practice installation.

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