Anti Water Hammer Valve SCF RFP Anti-surge Non Slam Wastewater Combination Air Valve


  • MRWA approved
  • DN80 – DN150 flanged
  • Rapid filling prevention mechanism minimizes splashing of solids on pump start – reducing maintenance
  • Upper mechanism in 316SS where optimum corrosion protection is required
  • Lower body in FBE coated Ductile Iron for security long term.
  • New low pressure sealing design at 1m of pressure


The CSA Mod. SCF-RFP is a high-quality single chamber triple function combination air valve, with a built-in anti-water hammer non-slam surge prevention system.
The air valve allows the release of air pockets from pressurized pipelines, and admits large volumes of air in the event of pipe draining or burst, to prevent vacuum and negative pressure conditions.
During outflow, the air valves senses the increase in air velocity and differential pressure using—if required by excessive values—the RFP (anti-surge) flat to control the air outflow rate. As a result, it avoids fast approaches of water column with potential sudden closures of the mobile block and the risk of water hammer.
Entirely made in ductile cast iron, with the upper body in stainless steel AISI 316 for the best resistance against corrosion, SCF-RFP is designed to ensure long lasting and reliable performance. It is also applicable in presence of raw sewage, keeping the solids and dirt away from the air release and sealing system.

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