Industrial Magflow Meters (Models MUT2200 & MUT2300)


  • Available in 90-240Vac or 12-24Vac/dc
  • Compact or remote mountable converter display
  • OIML R49 approved
  • MUT2300: sizes DN80 to DN300
  • MUT2200: sizes DN20 to  to DN2000
  • PN16 , PN25 or PN40 pressure ratings available
  • Ebonite liner  standard (80mm size and larger)
  • Teflon liner standard  (50mm size and smaller)
  • Fully potted internals
  • Hastalloy electrodes
  • Empty pipe detection
  • 200,000 line inbuilt active data logger – standard
  • 4-20mA output – standard
  • Pulse output – standard
  • Alarm contact output – standard
  • Modbus RS485 communication – standard


Robust Sensors

Both the MUT2200 and MUT2300 sensors have fully potted internals to protect the coils against vibration and moisture ingress.  Hastelloy C electrodes as standard and a Teflon liner for sizes up to 50mm and Ebonite hard rubber for sizes 65mm and above.

The MUT2300 is standard for sizes DN80 to DN300 and does not require any straight pipe lengths before or after the meter.

Sophisticated Display

The MC608 converter boast a large configurable display showing all critical flow data – see below video “how to read and configure the Euromag MC608”

It also has a variety of configurable outputs as standard – see below video “how to configure Euromag MC608 outputs”

It has an onboard 200,000 line data logger as standard for simply extraction of critical historical flow data – see below video “how to download data logs from a MC608”

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