BE370D-U  3 Way Magna-Latch Solenoid Valves


UL-Listed/FM approved for use with BERMAD deluge valves
Safer valve operation with remote reset feature
25 bar /365 psi max working pressure
Low Power Technology
IP67 Enclosure, Class H insulation and Integral Terminal Box
Seawater option


The BERMAD BE370D-U Magna-Latch Solenoid Valves enable safer
operation of a of Remote Control Deluge Valves, they consist of two
coils that are incorporated in one enclosure and activated by a
momentary electrical pulse, the valve is then latched in its last position
by a Permanent Holding Magnet. To reset the valve an electrical pulse
should be applied to the Reset Coil (S2), allowing the actuator to return
to its normal position. BERMAD Magna-Latch solenoid technology
drastically reduces power demand, increasing system reliability.
The BE370D-U-17 is UL listed for use with BERMAD deluge valves in
accordance with UL429A for 365 psi/25 bar rated working pressure. The
unique safety design of this solenoid valve allows 3 Watts power only
with a tolerance of 35% below the rated enabling long wiring
installations. The BE370D-U is available with with Ex d certification, suited
for zones 1 or zone 2, Group II category according to IEC-Ex and ATEX
Directives, the enclosure is IP67, as well as type 4X, 6, 6X rated,
continuous duty design with class H high temperature insulation rating.

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