Irrigation S390 Series 3 Way Solenoid Pilot Valves
  •  Advanced Construction Materials, Unique Plastic Casing
    •  Proven pressure, voltage and weather resistance
    •  Highly durable in corrosive environments
    •  High mechanical strength
    •  Protection Class- IP68; NEMA Type 6D
  •  Superb Internal Design and Finish
    •  Reliable operation under dirt loaded water
    •  Low sensitivity to voltage variations
  •  Low Power Consumption
    •  Low coil heating and sediment damage
    •  Saves wires and infrastructures costs
    •  Suites all Continuous Current Controllers on the market
  •  Angled Plastic Base with Installation Bracket
    •  High flow capacity quickens valve response
    •  Manual override open
    •  Simple installation to valve or manifold
  •  Simple Installation, Operation and Maintenance
  •  Reliable and Durable Product that Bears the Stamp of BERMAD Quality

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