‘UL’ fire certification for valves in Australia

Local demand for the supply of pressure reduction and relief valves has increased significantly in recent years.

To meet the demands of the fire market, BWT underwent accreditation to enable valves to be assembled, tested and accredited to ‘UL’ standard at our testing facility in Melbourne.

To achieve the accreditation we implemented significant changes. Our staff, facilities and methodology were reviewed and a training program put in place to enable us to perform this function at our premises.

The benefit to you is that turnaround for UL-certified valves is now very quick. Our customers can receive certification from the Australian facility. You no longer need to wait for products to be assembled, tested and sent from the overseas factory.

We’d welcome you to come see for yourself. Our training facility in Melbourne is perfectly set up to show you how our valves are tested, and what this means for you in real-life situations.

In an industry where safety is critical, our team welcomes your feedback in continuing to make our valves the safest and most trustworthy valves in the market.

For further information, check out our approvals page, or contact your nearest sales office.