SensusREAD AMR Meter Reading Software


The SensusREAD meter reading software is used for AMR (drive-by) systems and is used with both SensusRF radio devices (iPerl smart meters, PulseRF units and MeiStreamRF Plus meters) as well as manual reads.  Readings are collected wirelessly from the radio devices or can be entered from manual meters to any handheld computer running SensusREAD software.  One PC licence of SensusREAD can be downloaded to an unlimited number of handheld devices.

Routes can be imported to the handheld from existing or generated route plans.  After the meter readings are collected, the handheld is returned to the docking station and the meter data is exported into the billing system.  The format and structure of the exported data file can be easily customised to meet the billing system import file requirements.  This is then saved as a template for quick and seamless future exporting of data.

There is no ongoing licensing fees with SensusREAD and updates can be freely download from the Sensus website at any time.

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