Pressure Reducing Ratio Valve IR-120-PD-Z


  • Hֺֺydraulic Double chamber Control Valve
    • Line pressure driven
    • Full powered opening and closing
    • Protected diaphragm
    • Non-slam closing characteristic
      Eֺֺlegant simplicity
    • Most cost effective
    • Simple to maintain
    • No Pilot nor control Accessories

    Eֺֺngineered Plastic Valve with Industrial Grade Design
    hֺֺYflow ‘Y’ Valve Body with “Look Throug” Design

    • Ultra-high flow capacity – Low pressure loss

    Uֺֺser-Friendly Design

    • Simple in-line inspection and service


The Bermad double chambered control valve is a ratio reduction valve that will reduce upstream pressure to downstream pressure at a Fixed ratio.  The valve has a non metallic body and is simple and effective to reduce line pressure with no operating pilot mechanism.


50mm valve ratio : 3.3 : 1

50mmL, 80mm & 100mm  valves ratio : 2.7 : 1

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