Magflow Water Meter

Billing & Fire Magflow Meters (Model MUT2300)

The Euromag MUT2300 requires no straight pipe lengths before and after the meter.  It is OIML R49 certified for use with 0DN/0DN upstream and downstream straight pipe lengths – DN50 to DN300.

All meters come with an inbuilt active data logger for 3-6 years of historical data giving transparency of the meters performance and identifying potential issues.

Specially designed for measuring extremely low flows with negligible pressure loss, its high end wetted parts and robust construction make it suitable for nearly any application – mining, irrigation, sewage, trade waste, process, and chemical.  All of the sensor’s internals are fully potted to protect the coils against vibration and moisture ingress.

The MUT2300 sensor is available with the MC608 converter (24V, 240V or solar) or the new state-of-the-art MC406 battery converter.

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  • OIML R49 & MID approved
  • No straight pipe lengths required across range
  • DN50 to DN300mm with low flow capabilities
  • Fully potted internals and Empty pipe detection
  • Compatible with both the MC608 and MC406 converters
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