ATHENA Equilibrium mechanical ball float valve


  • Body and cover in ductile cast iron GJS 450-10
  • Float and rod in stainless steel
  • Internals in stainless steel
  • Self-cleaning piston technology
  • Painting with fluidized bed technology RAL 5005
  • Optional micro-switch or 4-20ma valve position transmitter


The CSA Mod. ATHENA—with a three ways body in ductile cast iron and internals in stainless steel—is used to automatically control levels in tanks and reservoirs with an angle or globe pattern orientation, regardless of upstream pressure variations.  Thanks to exclusive upstream pressure balanced self-cleaning piston technology, the valve will guarantee for absence of chattering and surges during opening and closing in case of built up back pressure. As a result, the valve drastically reduces maintenance operations and possible damages to the pipeline.

The valve can be supplied with an optional position switch or 4-20ma valve position transmitter.

Valves approved for drinking water with WRAS certification.

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