• Flow meter can be powered with Battery 12V, Solar + battery, Low voltage 12-24VAC/DC, High voltage 240VAC
  • The meter has an in built data logger
  • Outputs are digital, analog and modbus
  • Optional 3G communication for RTU
  • Optional in-built pressure transmitter for pressure as well as flow readings
  • Optional panel mount remote converter
  • Compact mount to valve or optional remote mounting with up to 100m of cable


The new 700 series range of valves now has an optional insertion flow meter that can be added to the inlet side of the control valve, enabling all hydraulic standard functions as well as a flow meter reading.

The converter can be local mounted or remote mounted from the valve, and comes with a wide option of power supply options.

With all forms of communication such as digital, analog and mod-bus standard in the converter, it is easy to communicate with external RTU systems.

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