Three way manual valve


 The hydraulic valve can be manually opened/closed in case of operational fault
 Only one moving part
 Easy to assemble
 Easy viewing of the operating position
 All valves are sealed when in a ‘between port’ position
 Special large bore valve for controlling extra-large hydraulic valves 


The SY three-way ball valves are the professional’s choice for hydraulic flow control.
The valves are constructed with a common port at the base of the valve body. Any of the
three peripheral ports can be connected to the common port – the other ports are totally
sealed. SY is designed for three hydraulic control positions: Open, Closed, and Automatic

Three models

Inlet 1/8″ Male , Outlets 1/8″ Female

Inlet 1/4″ Male , Outlets 1/8″ Female

Inlet 1/4″ Male , Outlets 1/4″ Female

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