• DN15mm to Dn40mm
  • 15-year battery life
  • 1 and 2 way communication
  • Remote meter reconfiguring
  • Accurate readings with a starting flow rate of less than 1L/hr
  • Integrated alarm function for easy detection of unusual patterns
  • Reduce time, cost and difficulty in reading meters in hard to read locations
  • Approved to NMI R49
  • Pattern approval number NMI 14/3/28
  • Walk-by
  • Drive-by
  • Fixed radio network


The Sensus iPERL Smart Water Meter uses intelligent and responsive data architecture that turns the smart grid concept into reality, offering extended whole-life performance, benchmark accuracy, cost reduction potential and operational transparency. As a result, the iPERL Smart Water Meter is an essential element—not just in monitoring consumption—but in modeling future business strategies and investments.

This meter represents a data end-point that replaces the traditional meter, captures and communicates network status and consumption data remotely and in real-time, while continuously monitoring system integrity and reporting against defined parameters.

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