FP 400E-7BM  Double Interlock Pre-Action Electric-Electric Release System


  • Latch open – closes only upon local reset
  • Factory pre-assembled trim – out of box quality
  • In-line serviceable – minimal downtime
  • In-line Check Valve – intermediate vented chamber – anti-flooding


The Bermad Model FP 400E-7BM Double Interlock Pre-Action, Electric-Electric Release System is suitable for use in systems requiring that water be kept out of the sprinkler piping until an electric detecting device and a sprinkler have both been activated.

Electric double interlock systems include automatic sprinklers attached to a dry sprinkler piping system, along with a supplementary electric detection system and an electric Supervised System of low air pressure in the system piping. The Double Interlock Pre-Action System admits water into the sprinkler piping only when both the detection device and the supervised systems simultaneously signal the control panel to trigger the solenoid valve.

An anti-flooding feature is provided by utilizing an in-line check valve, which creates an intermediate vented chamber using a Normally Open drip-check.

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