FP-3HC-0    Direct Acting Pressure Relief Valve/ Fire Pump Casing Relief Valve


  • Tight closing with accurate pressure control
  • Fast immediate response to pressure rise
  • Easy in-field pressure setting adjustment
  • UL & FM Approved
  • Available in corrosion resistant materials
  • Tamperproof cap


The BERMAD model FP- 3HC-0 is a direct acting, spring loaded, diaphragm type, relief valve. The single port is held closed buy the force of the adjustable spring located above the pressure sensing diaphragm. When the force of the pressure sensed under the diaphragm exceeds the force of the spring the valve will open to relieve pressure and will close tight when pressure falls below the pre-set value. This FM approved valve is well suited for use in protecting wet pipe systems from overpressure that occurs from temperature fluctuations and for fire pump casing relief as required by the NFPA 20 and NFPA 13 standards.

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