David Harrison

Area Sales Manager - QLD

Email: davidh@bermad.com.au

Mobile: 0499 232 262

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, David brings a wealth of knowledge and diverse skills to his role as State Area Manager for Queensland.

As an experienced sales representative in the water control industry, with a strong focus on large scale infrastructure projects in the fire and building sectors, David brings broad experience and expertise to the Bermad team. Having previously worked for respected companies within the industry as a sales representative in branch and sales management across Queensland and New South Wales, David has been working with Bermad products for over two decades over a vast range of projects. From high-rises, underground tunnels, sporting stadiums, and more, David’s understanding of technical requirements, compliance, and pipeline systems within large-scale infrastructure ensures each project is always delivered for success.

Over his career, David has developed a varied skill set within the water control industry. Starting off as a sales representative over 30 years ago, David understands just how important it is to continuously build strong relationships with clients and industry partners.