• NMI Approved
  • Maintenance free
  • High accuracy (+/-2% +/-2mm/s)
  • Available in 90-240Vac or 12-24Vac/dc
  • Compact or remote mountable converter display
  • 200,000 line inbuilt active data logger – standard
  • 4-20mA output – standard
  • Pulse output – standard
  • Alarm contact output – standard
  • Modbus RS485 communication – standard
  • Inbuilt 3G communications – optional
  • Sizes 15mm – 2000mm flanged
  • PN16 , PN25 or PN40 pressure ratings available
  • Ebonite liner  standard (80mm size and larger)
  • Teflon liner standard  (50mm size and smaller)
  • Fully potted internals
  • Hastalloy electrodes
  • Empty pipe detection


Robust Sensor

The MUT2200 sensor is ideal for harsh applications.

It has fully potted internals to protect the coils against vibration and moisture ingress.  Hastelloy C electrodes as standard and a Teflon liner for sizes up to 50mm and Ebonite hard rubber for sizes 65mm and above.  With no moving parts it is maintenance free.

Sophisticated Display

The MC608 converter boast a large configurable display showing all critical flow data – see below video “how to read and configure the Euromag MC608”

As standard it has 4-20mA, pulse and alarm outputs as well as ModBus RS485 communications – see below video “how to configure Euromag MC608 outputs”

Critical historical flow data can be easily extracted from the onboard 200,000 line data logger – see below video “how to download data logs from a MC608”

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